Founded in 2008, AlterGeo (formerly known as Wi2Geo) develops a hybrid positioning system which combines the advantages of navigation based on WiFi, WiMAX, GSM, GPS, CDMA, IP and several other methods, and is an author of Russia's leading cross-platform location-based social networking service AlterGeo created within the framework of this project. In November 2012, the company released an intelligent restaurant guide, Gvidi, a free iOS-app based on sophisticated collaborative filtering algorithms.
The company's technological platform positions 100M+ devices and serves 400M+ location requests on a daily basis. It includes back-end positioning algorithms, data of 110M+ unique WiFi and other radio signals spots and stations across the world, API for partners, and SDK's for all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, and Mac OS.
The social network, AlterGeo, helps navigate in and around cities. It provides an easy way to find new interesting places around, share current location with friends, give and receive useful recommendations, and get discounts and bonuses in restaurants and other recreational and business venues. AlterGeo is available at and its mobile version, as well as through free mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Bada. Currently AlterGeo enjoys the audience of 1M+ users, mostly in Russia and Ukraine.
The mobile recommendations service, Gvidi, studies its users' private preferences and social graph in order to give them personal recommendations about certain surrounding cafes, bars or restaurants.
The company intends to expand the range of geodata sources which would lie in the foundation of its system in order to allow various devices and its users to be located (in particular, AlterGeo is going to create and implement a network environment positioning algorithm), conduct large-scale research in order to develop a unique hybrid location mechanism which would allow the combined application of all the existing positioning methods, as well as reach new geographic markets.


AlterGeo used to be named finalist and laureate of Russian and international contests of startups in the technology sector. In 2013, the Financial Times called AlterGeo one of five "Russia's next tech titans"; the company also won The Europas as the Best Russian Startup and was shortlisted for the Best Transport, Travel or Environmental Startup there. In 2012, AlterGeo was given the Bully Award 2012  named finalist of Red Herring Top 100 Global and Europe, and included in Informilo's list of Russia's Top 25 Hottest Tech Companies.

The company has 20+ employees. Its headquarters is in Moscow (Russia).

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