Java hosting platform provider Jelastic has announced that it has received $1 million in funding from Skolkovo Foundation, the investment arm of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, the Russian non-profit technology organisation, to expand its product range.

Palo Alto-based Jelastic says that the investment will be used to create a working prototype of its Jelastic Private Cloud (JPC), a product that it says will provide a secure hosting environment for a range of companies and government agencies.

The JPC builds on Jelastic existing products, but is focused on serving institutions that require an additional level of security, allowing them to run and scale Java-based apps for in-house use. The company says that the platform will help organisations reduce and better manage the cost of managing enterprise-level applications written in Java, PHP and .NET.

There is a Russian link here, and the private cloud platform will be developed by a Russian subsidiary of Jelastic.

Alexey Skutin, co-Founder of Jelastic, explains why the company is branching out its offerings:

Companies have been looking for ways to reduce IT costs, but public Clouds are not suitable yet for a number of reasons, particularly with respect to security. The solution is private and hybrid Clouds, for which the demand is growing quite rapidly. Thanks to the Skolkovo Fund, we will be able to supply that demand with a superior solution to any that is currently available.

The private platform will complement the firm’s existing public plug and play platform, which allows developers to manage application life-cycles — and associated information and analytics — from one place. Its key features include “smart scaling” which optimises the requirement of resources (such as memory and processing power) according to the number of requests that it is serving.

The Jelastic platform also provides load balancing and caching integrated NGINX software to provide greater performance and efficiency for customers’ applications, the company says.

Jelastic’s public clouds are available in Europe, North America, Russia, the UK and Japan through a number of local partners.




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